Buy Leads

Leads are a commodity, unfortunately the longer they sit the less likely they are going to convert. Understanding the pricing model and your conversion rate is mandatory if you are buying leads. Our platform allows you to gain tremendous insight into these metrics and assist you in targeting the best opportunities for your company.

What are the real costs of leads?

$50 Lead on a 2% conversion translates into $2500 Cost per acquisition obviously, this calculation changes with your lead costs and conversion rate, knowing both is critical to succeed when buying leads! That is where our company can help!

Our organization delivers qualified prospective customers to hundreds of different industries and can customize a package to start delivering leads to your company within minutes. The best part about our program is there is no risk, you only pay for leads we deliver. Our program is used by many Fortune 3000 companies and our platform tracks all leads/calls in real time giving you up to the minute reporting to gauge which prospects are converting the best for your company. Click here to learn more