• Qualified Leads
    of Qualified Prospects

    We deliver clients at the exact moment they are looking for your product/service. Essentially we are an extended marketing arm and answering service for your firm. We generate the calls through our network of targeted websites and deliver those prospects to you in real time.

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  • Lead Generation

    Through our vast network of consumer oriented websites, directories and social media campaigns, we generate leads in a variety of industries, our programs were developed to assist law firms; medical services and other professional services generate more new clients.

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  • Lead Management

    How many calls/clients were generated through your marketing efforts last week/month/quarter/year? How do you know? Our platform is a robust enterprise level lead management platform that will answer those questions for you, guaranteed!

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  • Email Marketing

    The fact is email marketing is the most effective form of lead generation in the world, surpassing both search and social campaigns when considering conversion rates. We can customize an email marketing campaign that will get you new clients at the highest ROI you have ever seen.

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  • Social Media Campaigns

    It is all the buzz these days, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, where does one start? Well if you are not managing your social media campaigns and measuring their success as any other form of advertising you are losing money, fact!

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    Qualified Leads Leads

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    Lead Generation

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    Lead Management

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    Email Marketing

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    Social Media Campaigns

Qualified Leads Process
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    Lead Calls In

    Our Campaigns receive inbound calls from our lead sourcing strategies.
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    Lead Filtering

    Our team qualifies lead based on your company's input filters/questions
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    Lead Transfer

    Only Qualified Leads are transfered to your organization.

Qualified Leads

What if prospective customers called you at the exact moment they need your services?

What if a company, could not only handle generating new customers but prequalify them prior to them ever contacting you?

What if the company guaranteed you better results and the most cost effective lead generation you have ever participated in?

Would you be interested?

That company is US! Click here to learn more about our program.

We operate a large network of consumer oriented websites, in addition to generating leads through our network we also leverage search, email, affiliate marketing and social media to generate qualified prospective customers.

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